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Game 75 WPA: It's time to consider PANIC!!! Nats lose 5-6.

Gio is the worst at pitching, and the rest of the Nats are the worst with runners in scoring position. This road trip has been the worst.

"These uniforms are way too sharp for you to be pitching so poorly." (Not an actual quote.)
"These uniforms are way too sharp for you to be pitching so poorly." (Not an actual quote.)
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Do they have sports therapists in Syracuse? Gio "I hate all of you and that's why I'm pitching this way (not an actual quote)" Gonzalez (-36.2%) gives up 6 runs in 3 IP, half of whom reached via walk or HBP. The other three runs were on hits (and an HR), so we're failing on all cylinders, here.
  • Scoring runs with outs isn't that helpful, no matter what FP says: Four of the Nats' five runs come via the sacrifice, for a total of -10.8%. Try getting a hit with the runner on third, and maybe the guy behind him can score (or maybe YOU).
  • The game in a nutshell, part one: Wilson "LASIK" Ramos (-10.4%) singles to load the bases in the 7th (+9.8%), singles in the Nats' first run in the 2nd (+4.3%), and GDPs to end the game (-17.2%).
  • The game in a nutshell, part two: Danny "Dirtbag 4 Life" Espinosa (+3.9%) leads the team in WPA, with no at-bats, walking twice and hitting two sacrifices.
  • This is actually ironic, right? Ben "4-3" Revere (-12.8%) is 0-5, falling a 4-3 short of the groundout cycle.
  • Honorable mention: Matt "C'mon, guys, I'm totally better than Paps (also not an actual quote)" Belisle (+7.3%) earns a shutdown for two scoreless to hold the game close after the Nats starting clawing back.

Tonight's WPA brought to you by a reasonable reaction to the current situation: