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Game 76 WPA: I didn't think they'd make it. Nats win 3-2.

Roark had a fearless outing, getting out of jams repeatedly with aplomb. The bench came through with some dingers on the Sunday lineup to put the Nats ahead, while the bullpen decided the game needed to be "interesting." A win's a win.

"You may remember me as Leonidas in '300'." (Not an actual quote.)
"You may remember me as Leonidas in '300'." (Not an actual quote.)
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Roark: Tanner "As in, 'rowboat'" Roark (+46.5%) seemingly spends the entire game with a runner in scoring position, but somehow gets through 7 without allowing a run on 7 Ks and a walk, exiting in line for a win (even though pitcher wins are dumb). At the plate, he manages to work two walks!
  • LOBster Sunday: Bryce "Ohfer" Harper (-6.6%) flies out to the wall in center to strand the bases loaded in the 5th (-9.6%), missing a go-ahead grand slam by a few feet.
  • Unlikely doesn't mean unhelpful: Jose "When did Gio become right-handed?" Lobaton (+14.7%) makes Dusty point to his head by smacking a solo shot the other way to break a scoreless tie on the first pitch of the 7th (+19.4%). He also throws out a runner trying to steal second in the first.
  • Total stat-padder: Clint "Low Leverage" Robinson (+17.7%) junk-times a two-run dinger with two outs in the ayeth (+19.9%).
  • I don't care what the WPA hamsters say, this should be a meltdown: Blake "There goes the streak" Treinen (-5.9%) gets two outs in the ayeth but lets in a run and exits with two on, juuuuuuust missing a metldown.
  • Thanks for the extra grey hair, dude: Shawn "I owe my position to Doghouse's lobbying (not an actual quote)" Kelley (+13.5%) gets a K to defuse Treinen's jam in the aeyth. In the 9th he goes strikeout, strikeout, dinger, triple (Werth lost it in the sun), popup to earn a shutdown.

Tonight's WPA brought to you by how could these teenagers be so humorless even if they are German when the band is clearly two puffs away from collapsing in hysterical laughter: