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Wire Taps: Lucas Giolito's debut cut short; Stephen Strasburg's MRI comes back clean; Wilson Ramos is "field general"

Catch up on the last twenty-four hours in Washington Nationals news, all in one place.

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Some nights, there's not much news coming out of Nationals Park. Other nights, someone like Lucas Giolito comes up. You may have been able to guess that last night was one of those nights.

Here's the news from Natstown.

Giolito's debut cut short
A one-hour, twenty-five-minute rain delay forced the righty to stop after four scoreless innings and 45 pitches. The game eventually ended with a 5-0 win for the Nationals.

Bryce Harper wore an '80s style "District Baseball" shirt

This was pretty cool. If anyone knows where it can be found, drop a comment!

Giolito's debut lacks Strasburg hype - but is just as good
Giolito is the same caliber of prospect as Stephen Strasburg was, but this time around, the hype was much more minimal - and that was a good thing. Although it was cut short, Giolito's maiden voyage into the majors was extremely impressive.

Is Giolito up to stay?
Giolito has one game under his belt - but will that be it?

Maddux compares Giolito's fastball to Syndergaard's
Not bad company.

Baker calls Ramos his "field general"
Baker discussed Ramos' habits behind the plate and the way he calls pitches.

Strasburg's MRI shows no further damage
Strasburg went to the 15-day DL on Sunday, but his MRI had nothing in it worth worrying about.

Tonight's Game: Mets vs Nationals - 7:05 (MASN2, ESPN, WJFK)
Probable Pitchers: Logan Verrett (3-4, 4.14 ERA) vs Max Scherzer (8-5, 3.52 ERA)