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Nationals' lineup for series opener with the Reds: Bryce Harper back, Trea Turner at second

Bryce Harper is back in the Washington Nationals' lineup tonight and Trea Turner is batting and playing second in his 2016 major league debut. Here's the Nationals' lineup for the series opener with the Cincinnati Reds...

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

There were two questions heading into tonight's series opener with the Cincinnati Reds:

Where would Dusty Baker play Trea Turner?

Would right fielder Bryce Harper return to the lineup after missing the last two games of the series with the Philadephia Philllies in Citizens Bank Park?

Dusty Baker talked about the possibility of Harper returning after the finale in CBP, telling reporters he hoped the two days off and the off day on Thursday would allow the right knee contusion he suffered on a HBP would heal.

Did he expect to pencil Harper in vs the Reds in the series opener in Cincinnati?

"Yeah, I expect to, but I don't know," Baker said. "That day off is coming right on time for him and for us. I think we've gone 16 in a row. I looked at Harp, I mean he's chomping at the bit cause i know how it is to play every day and then you're not playing. It makes for a very boring day."

Harper is back in the mix tonight. He's batting third as usual, with Turner in front of him in the two spot (and playing second) and Daniel Murphy in the cleanup spot and playing first with Ryan Zimmerman on the Paternity List.

Turner has just played five games at second in the minors and he played 12 games at second with the Nationals last season.

When he spoke to reporters this winter, Turner was asked if he was comfortable playing second in the majors if the Nationals asked him to move there?

"I think Spring Training you get a ton of reps and you can get early work, extra work after and you get plenty during the day, so I think I'll get plenty of reps if that's where they need me to play, I'll eventually feel comfortable ."

Turner makes his 2016 MLB debut tonight in Cincinnati's Great American Ball Park.

Here's the Nats' lineup: