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Game 80 WPA: The return of the Zim. Nats win 13-4.

Gio was shaky but serviceable, Espinosa connected for 7 RBI, but the big news of the night is that Zim drew an intentional walk!!

He may have his back to us, but he's still The Face.
He may have his back to us, but he's still The Face.
Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Pitching to game situation, maybe? Gio Gonzalez (+3.6%) has a couple of shaky innings but gives up a manageable (tonight) 4 runs overs 6 IP with 9 Ks but 4 walks.
  • The kids call him ZIM!! Ryan Zimmerman (+28.5%) plants one on the batter's eye in center field for a go-ahead, three-run bomb with two outs in the first (+25.3%).
  • This is some pretty blatant stat-padding: Danny Espinosa (+7.3%) hits a two-out grand slam in the 3rd for the eventual winning margin (+8.3%) and then a three-run no-doubter in the 4th (+0.2%).
  • Mentioned in dispatches: Jayson Werth (+11.7%) with a walk and a first-inning double to put runners 2nd/3rd (+11.2%).

Tonight's WPA brought to you by if the Buggles and Robert Palmer had a baby: