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This Day in Nationals History: Eleven years ago today, the Nats' first draft

Eleven years ago today... a quick look back at what was going on with the Washington Nationals and the rest of the world back in ... 2005.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

On June 7-8, 2005, the Washington Nationals participated in the first draft in team history and selected Ryan Zimmerman with the fourth pick overall.

Zimmerman in draft 2005

It's been eleven years and Zimmerman is still a National, but many things are changed. Here you can find the most important events of 2005 with a link with to this year:

  • Youtube was founded: Amazing, right? In 2005, the most famous platform for sharing and viewing video and multimedia content in the world was created. This is the first video ever uploaded:

Thank goodness, today you can find more

  • "Million Dollar Baby" and "The Aviator" won the main Academy Awards. No Leo, it is not yet your time.
Leo Di Caprio Sad gif

  • Pope John Paul II died. After him Benedict XVI was elected. Today there is Francis. "Once in the blue moon" in Italian is literally translated "Every death of Pope". LeBron James has won two NBA titles since 2005. Francis cheers for Curry (yes, he scored three's).
pope francis

  • Hurricane Katrina hits the city of New Orleans. One of the greatest weather tragedies in U.S. history. In the 2005-06 season New Orleans Zephyrs were affiliated to Nationals. Memories.
New Orleans Zephyrs logo

  • Star Wars III comes out in theaters. After that episode, Star Wars is back this year with Star Wars VII. The power of the force. But not of math.
Star Wars 3 gif "I loved you"

  • The White Sox won their first title in 88 years in the World Series against the Astros. Don't worry, there are only 77 more years to waiting for the next one...