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Danny Espinosa Topps NOW card - Available until 2 PM EST on 7/2/16

The folks at Topps have decided to capture big moments throughout the 2016 MLB season and when big things happen, they print special edition cards that are only available for purchase in a 24-hour window after they launch. Here's the latest card...

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Photo screencap via Topps NOW cards.
Photo screencap via Topps NOW cards.

Danny Espinosa's 2 for 4, two-home run night on Thursday, in the Washington Nationals' 13-4 win over the Cincinnati Reds, left him 25 for 81 on the month (.309/.418/.704) with five of his eight doubles and nine of his 15 home runs on the season coming in the last 26 games in June.

Espinosa hit a grand slam in the third from the left side of the plate and a three-run home run in the fourth from the right side.

Espinosa's seven RBIs on the night were the most by a Nationals player since Josh Willingham drove in eight in a July, 2009 game in Milwaukee.


He was the first player in franchise history (Montreal included) with a home run from both sides of the plate since Geoff Blum accomplished that feat in 2001 for the Expos and the first player in franchise history to have one of the home runs be a grand slam.

It was the fourth multi-home run game of his career and his first since May 2015.

"That's quite a night," Dusty Baker told reporters after the Nationals' fifth straight win. "He's been playing lights out and getting some big hits for us."

Espinosa struggled at the plate over the first two months of the season, with a .185/.316/.246 line, a double and a home run in 23 games and 80 PAs in April and a .208/.283/.376 line, two doubles and five home runs in 29 games and 114 PAs in May.

His big June, Baker said, is the result of a lot of hard work by Espinosa and the Nationals' coaches.

"He's persevered No. 1," Baker said. "He does a lot of studying. He loves to play. He's one of the first guys here at the stadium, one of the last ones to leave.

"It couldn't happen to a guy that really wanted it and really needed it and we needed it. It came right on time for us.

"I'm happy for him. Just keep it going. He's tried to cut down his strikeouts some, cut down his swing and misses, cause he tends to swing too hard sometimes, and he doesn't need to, he's a very strong young man.

"We're all happy for him and he comes to play every day."

Baker said it was impressive that all the production was coming from the eight-spot in the lineup.

"That's real tough, but that's the mark of a good lineup when that happens. More importantly he gets a lot of walks and clutch hits that get the pitcher to the plate.

"That's big in the National League where you don't have to lead of in the next inning with the pitcher or pinch hit for him that next inning, I can leave him in the ballgame."

Espinosa walked 11 times in 99 plate appearances in June.

He has 10 more walks on the year (28) than he collected in 114 games and 364 plate appearances in 2014 (18) and five fewer than he had in 118 games and 367 PAs last season (33). His 9.6 BB% on the year is up from 2.4, 4.9 and 8.0% over the last three seasons, respectively.

Will he keep it up? Baker and his Nationals teammates hope so. His big night at the plate in Nationals Park earned him the Topps NOW treatment...


From Topps:

Topps NOW offers trading cards featuring MLB's best moments immediately after they occur. These special edition cards are only available for purchase within a 24-hour window after they launch on, and Topps will print and deliver only the amount that is purchased within this time frame.