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Weekend WPA: Nats win three straight.

Apparently I was the jinx the whole time, as Stras, Max, and Gio join forces with Murphy to stack up 3 wins going into the break.

It's always good to beat a division rival, amirite Murph?
It's always good to beat a division rival, amirite Murph?
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

(What do these graphs mean?)

Source: FanGraphs

  • Friday's alright for fighting: Stephen Strasburg (+27.7%) gives up 1 run in 7 innings with 9 Ks and 3 walks.
  • Enough hits, but no too many: Clint Robinson (+18.2%) clubs a two-run shot for the winning margin with one down in the 2nd (+20.5%). Daniel Murphy (+6.9%) tacks on with an RBI double with one down in the 3rd (+9.5%).
  • Oops: Shawn Kelley (-24.7%) melts down by putting runners corners in the ayeth without recording an out.
  • We gotcha: Oliver Perez (+12.7%) and Blake Treinen (+19.4%) combine to defuse the ayeth inning jam with no runs scoring to earn shutdowns, while Jonathan Papelbon (+7.3%) gets one for a scoreless 9th.

Source: FanGraphs

  • Saturday night makes it alright: Max Scherzer (+18.3%) gives up one unearned run in 7 IP on 9 Ks and 2 walks.
  • Speed game: Ben Revere (+14.7%) triples in the winning run in the 3rd (+18.3%).
  • Good outing: Daniel Murphy (+22.6%) is 3-4 with a walk, a double, a dinger, and 4 RBI.

Source: FanGraphs

  • Read all about it: Gio Gonzalez (+10.1%) gives up 2 runs in 5.2 IP with 3 Ks and 4 walks.
  • Deja vu all over again: Daniel Murphy (+8.8%) hits a two-run shot in the first to get the Nats on the board (+19.2%).
  • Unexpected but welcome: Tanner Roark (+26.5%) is the big WPA winner with 7 outs of scoreless relief work after Gio's exit to earn a shutdown. Paps earns another shutdown with a scoreless 9th.

This weekend's WPA(s) brought to you by transcending one's pedigree: