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Bryce Harper is the man in the new Under Armour commercial "It Comes From Below"

Here's the latest commercial spot from Bryce Harper and Under Armour entitled, "It Comes From Below", and it's actually pretty great.

The campaign, developed under the slogan "It Comes From Below", remembers some of the incredible numbers Bryce Harper has put up in his career: listening to them, with the frantic tone of the speaker, you can feel the incredible magnitude of this player.

The video ends with a concept that it is the essence of baseball "Kid, just remember: no number sounds as good as this" a voice says as Harper cracks one.

Under Armour and Bryce Harper have just revealed their new commercial and honestly it’s something fantastic.

Under Armour has also created another video in which they show the new Bryce Harper cleat model, explaining the concept and the idea behind the latest project.

It is clear that Harper has become one of the most important pitch men for the company and has become the new front man of modern baseball.

Moreover, this afternoon Harper has also recorded a Facebook Live video on his official page about the presentation of the new commercial with a lot of fans and kids.

Harper recently signed the biggest endorsement deal for MLB player.