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Wire Taps: Can Nationals' Danny Espinosa last?; Daniel Murphy's absurd numbers; Wilson Ramos' parents surprise him at ASG

Condensed Wire Taps for the All-Star Game! Catch up on the last 24 hours in Washington Nationals news...

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Happy All-Star Game day! Believe it or not, Bryce Harper actually does not have a hit in his All-Star Game career - we'll see if he's able to break the three-game slump tonight.

Here's the latest from Nationals Park... and Petco Park.

What's gotten into Danny Espinosa - and can it last?
Espinosa looked destined for the bench once Trea Turner came up - but Espinosa keeps holding on to his job - and has had a few impressive stretches this season. What's up with that?

Five most absurd numbers from Murphy's first half
The five stats from the second baseman that make his incredible run just that much more incredible.

Ian Desmond, Texas Ranger, All-Star
Desmond had to make a desperate last-minute sales pitch to the Texas Rangers this past offseason, and Texas is feeling pretty lucky they bit on the pitch.

Wilson Ramos' parents surprise Ramos at All-Star Game
Ramos' wife, Yeli, arranged for both of his parents to be flown in from Venezuela... without Ramos knowing. Talk about family pictures galore!

Pokemon Go/Nationals fans, rejoice!

The Nationals have shown (via tweet) that Nationals Park is home to quite a few Pokemon, quite a few Pokestops - and a gym (If you didn't understand that, don't worry, you don't really need to understand it).

Enjoy the All-Star Game!