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Wire Taps: Trea Turner needs to be up with Nationals for good; Did Bryce Harper deserve ASG nod?; Nats fans are "fine the way they are"

Wire Taps! Get your Wire Taps! Get yer' news and links! Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news... right now!

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For the first time since March, there is absolutely no Major League Baseball being played today. No games, no practice, nothing. Enjoy the quiet while it lasts, because the stretch run is coming.

Now, as many players will say today... let's hit the links.

Boswell: Nats fans are fine "just the way they are"
They may not be the loudest in baseball, but when it counts, Nats fans always step up.

Bryce Harper finally got a hit in the All-Star Game
Believe it or not, in Harper's previous appearances in the All-Star Game, he had never gotten a hit. Actually, outside of Alfonso Soriano and Dmitri Young, no Nationals had gotten a hit in the midsummer classic (per The Nats Blog). Last night, Harper finally joined the club with a screaming double.

Trea Turner needs to be up for good
Turner is back up in the Majors, but for how long? Joshua Sadlock argues that if the Nats want the young infielder for a stretch run, he needs to be up in the big-leagues to stay.

Appreciating Strasburg's incredible first half
Strasburg, by all measures, has had the best three months of his career - let's step back for a moment and appreciate that.

Did Bryce Harper really deserve to be an All-Star?
After a hot start, Harper suffered through two rough months, putting his average at a meager .256. Even so, he made the starting lineup easily - but did he deserve the spot more than his competitors?

Today's Game: None

Probably Pitchers: None