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Wire Taps: 54 wins, 54 Nationals stories; Latest on MASN dispute; Five biggest disappointments

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Washington Nationals news while we patiently wait for baseball to start up again...

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Nationals are almost done with the All-Star Break, and ready to lock in! In fact, their next off day isn't until... Monday. But after that, they're going to lock in, until their next day off, which isn't until... the next Monday. So much for July being part of the stretch run.

On the third-to-last off-day of July, here's the latest from Nationals Park.

The latest on the MASN dispute
Breaking: It's still really, really, complicated - and the Orioles keep avoiding paying the Nationals what they're owed.

The 54 stories that made the Nationals' 54-win first half
Ladies and gentleman, the Washington Post has out wire-tapped the wire-taps. The fifty-four most important stories of the first half.

Bryce Harper will probably partake in the Home Run Derby at Nationals Park
Nationals Park will host the All-Star Game and the Home Run Derby in 2018 - and Bryce Harper will likely be a part of it. The next question - can anyone hit the scoreboard?

The biggest five disappointments of the first half
Yes, there have been a lot of good surprises before the All-Star game - but there have also been a lot of bad surprises so far.

An oral history of Bryce Harper's junior college season
Harper graduated early from high school, getting his GED after sophomore year and starting at College of Southern Nevada in what would normally be his junior year of high school. Some of those who were closest to Harper during that year shared an oral history of the record setting season.

Today's Game: *Cries*
Probable Pitchers: *Cries harder*