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Game 93 WPA: One for the price of two. Nats lose 1-2.

Too much happened in this game to summarize.

Good work, if you can get it.
Good work, if you can get it.
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Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Not appearing in the decision: Max Scherzer (+21.1%) gives up one in 7 IP on 7 Ks and a walk, getting out of a few jams and being long-forgotten by the end of the game.
  • One of those days (part one): Danny Espinosa (-39.3%) is 0-6 and gets caught stealing after reaching on a HBP in the 6th (-10.4%). Wilson Ramos (-11.6%) lines into a DP with two on the 7th to end the inning (-18.3%).
  • Gibsonesque: Daniel Murphy (+48.9%) avoids aggravating his balky hammy by cranking a two-out, two-strike solo bomb into the second deck above the home bullpen to send the game to extras.
  • One of those days (part two): Ramos walks to put two on with no outs in the 10th. Clint Robinson (-40.4%) then flies out as part of his 0-7 (-10.8%), then Stephen Drew (-30.1%) GDPs to finish the rally (-20.4%).
  • The grind: Shawn Kelley (+13.2%) and Yusmeiro Petit (+13.2%) throws scoreless 10th and 11th innings, respectively, while Matt Belisle (+26.5%) follows with scoreless 12th and 13th innings. All three earn shutdowns.
  • I'll call it a comeback: Felipe Rivero (+39.7%) accrues the 2nd-most WPA on the night, throwing three scoreless innings from the 14th to 16th to earn his shutdown, capped by a near-perfect 8-6-2 to gun down a runner at the plate on a booming double to center.
  • One of those days (part three): Jayson Werth (-30.8%) GDPs to end the 17th (-13.1%).
  • Maybe a free pass was in order: Oliver Perez (-17.6%) throws a scoreless 17th, but gives up the go-behind solo shot in the 17th (-41.7%) with the pitcher on deck.
  • One of those days (part four): Espy strikes out looking to end the game and strand a RISP (-16.6%).

This WPA brought to you by the Hammond organ and the unbearable ennui of existence, but mostly the Hammond organ: