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Wire Taps: Nationals showing interest in Charlie Blackmon; TV ratings up from last year; Rangers and Indians also interested in Aroldis Chapman

Did you survive last night's post game storm? Your reward: All the Nationals news that was fit to link, all in one place...

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, it's just not your night - last night was one of those games for the Nationals. How could the Dodgers have the audacity to spoil Dusty Baker bobblehead night?

Nats showing interest in Charlie Blackmon
The Nats are reportedly targeting Rockies center fielder Charlie Blackmon, per Jon Morosi. Blackmon is hitting .305 with an .849 OPS.

Nationals, Rangers, Indians, in contention to acquire Chapman
The flamethrowing closer could soon be on his way out of the Bronx - to the other most powerful city in the country, D.C. Or to Dallas or Cleveland - whatever works.

Nationals TV ratings up from last year
The Nationals rank 21st in the league in TV ratings, and have just cracked the top half of the average homes rankings at 14th, Got that?

ESPN ranks Bryce Harper among the best 100 players of all-time - that can't be right....
Harper has loads of talent and potential.... but there's definitely an argument for him to not be in the top 100.

Whatever happened to Dan Uggla and Adam LaRoche?
Spoiler alert: They're currently playing baseball with Roger Clemens, preparing for next month's National Baseball Congress World Series (it's in Wichita, if you really want to go).

When Dusty Baker calls on his bench guys, they step up
The Nats, who have previously struggled with good bench hitting, now have one of the better benches in baseball.

There was giant hail at Nationals Park last night

If you got out early, good for you.

Tonight's Game: Dodgers vs Nationals - 7:05 PM (MASN2, WJFK)
Probable Pitchers: Bud Norris (2-0, 3.94 ERA) vs Gio Gonzalez (5-8, 4.70 ERA)