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Nationals' slugger Bryce Harper hits a 451 foot home run vs the Dodgers...

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Bryce Harper has hit some moonshots in his career, but each one is impressive. The latest was a 451 foot home run off LA Dodgers' righty Bud Norris that landed in the upper deck in right in Nationals Park. You just have to see it...

Photo screencap via
Photo screencap via

From tonight's Game Report: Bryce Harper hits 451 foot home run:

Daniel Murphy hit a two-out, opposite field double to left off Los Angeles Dodgers' starter Bud Norris, connecting for his 28th two-base hit of the season and Bryce Harper followed with a two-run bomb to right on a 3-1 fastball from Norris that did. not. stop. until it was 451 feet from home, 10-15 rows back in the upper deck in right, high above Jackie Robinson's retired number on the facade of the second deck. 2-0 after one.

As the Nationals noted in the tweet above, it was Harper's 20th home run of the season, making Harper just the 12th player in MLB history to have four 20+ home run seasons prior to his 24th birthday. Will it be the blast that snaps Harper out of his funk... or was it just a meaty 3-1 fastball from Norris? We'll see. But it was fun to watch either way...