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Game 96 WPA: Next time, Firpo. Nats lose 3-6.

Strasburg got punished early and settled in too late, while the bats missed almost no opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Time to start a new streak, then.
Time to start a new streak, then.
Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • I've still got my eye on you, Marberry: Stephen Strasburg (-36.9% pitching, +4.5% hitting) bears down late, fanning 10 and walking 1 in 6 IP, but he got shelled early to the tune of 6 runs. He does a bit better at the plate, going 1-1 with a walk.
  • Styrofoam slugger: Anthony Rendon (-16.3%) is 0-5 with a K and 6 LOB.
  • WPA leader: Michael Taylor (+4.8%) is 1-4 with a walk and a SB. That's your offense leader (just ahead of the pitcher!).

Tonight's WPA brought to you by convention season: