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Game 99 WPA: The triumphant (?) return of Lucas Giolito. Nats lose 6-10

Giolito was not the best, but Belisle picked him up and Ramos, especially, helped stack up some runs. But the "good" part of the bullpen just couldn't keep it together.

4 runs in 3.1 IP was not the worst pitching effort from the Nats today.
4 runs in 3.1 IP was not the worst pitching effort from the Nats today.
Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Still a work in progress: Lucas "Not Unheralded" Giolito (-44.6% pitching, +10.3% hitting) gives up 4 runs (2 earned) in 3 1/3 IP, fanning none and walking three, leaving with the bases loaded. At the plate, he's 1-1 with a rally-starting single to lead off the third.
  • Game-changing speed: Trea "Spede Gaem" Turner (15.1%) hits a triple to lead off the first (+9.3%).
  • Buffabomb: Wilson "I hit it more harder" Ramos (+32.2%) jacks a monstrous two-bomb about four rows from the concourse in right-center to put the Nats ahead in the third (+20.1%).
  • I was never worried: Matt "Mid-game leverage" Belisle (+32.4%) earns a huge shutdown by defusing Giolito's bases-loaded jam via a back-pick (+11.6%) and a K, then throwing scoreless 5th and 6th innings.
  • TOOTBLAN: Ramos gets caught going for second on a throw home to end the 5th, although not before driving in a run to put the Nats up by two (+8.9%).
  • You had one job: Shawn "You'd take Paps over me?" Kelley (-26.8%) melts down in the ayeth, giving up a pair of solo shots to tie the game.
  • You, also, had one job: Jonathan "It wasn't a save situation" Papelbon (-48.6%) only gets two outs in the 9th, giving up four runs to put the game out of reach and earn a meltdown.

Bonus graph! Did Laz Diaz bet the Pads today?

I report, you decide:

Today's WPA brought to you by one AM Sunday morning on the Central Coast, somewhere in the early '90s: