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Washington Nationals turn first 3-3-5 triple play in MLB history... seriously

The Washington Nationals escaped a bases loaded, no-out jam when the San Francisco Giants' Brandon Crawford lined into the first 3-3-5 triple play in MLB history. No seriously. Watch it below.

Oliver Perez took the mound in the eighth, with the Washington Nationals up, 4-1, on the San Francisco Giants in AT&T Park and had the first two batters reach base on a bunt single and a blooper.

Blake Treinen came on to face Buster Posey with two on and no one out and walked the Giants’ catcher after starting up 0-2 and throwing four straight pitches in the dirt to load the bases with no one out.

Sammy Solis came on to face Brandon Crawford, who lined out to Ryan Zimmerman at first. Zimmerman stepped on first base... and threw to third... for an inning-ending triple play, which was the first in franchise history, and reportedly the first ((3)-3)-5 triple play in MLB history. Period. No seriously.

It was the first 3-3-5 triple play Nationals’ franchise history (2005-present), and according to several reports, history, history, as in the first ever in MLB baseball:

Here it is in all its glory. Ryan Zimmerman came on as a defensive replacement, right before the play btw. Good timing, Zim:

Here's what Dusty Baker had to say about the triple play after the game:

"We're just trying to figure out through positive thoughts how we're going to get out of it. We always holler 'Triple play!' or 'Double play!' or something, but it actually happened. We moved Zim back before the pitch and you know like I saw it go in his glove, and I saw him touch first base, and then I saw Denard Span coming down the line, evidently from his vantage point he thought it hit the ground. And so, next thing you know that was a triple play. That's only the -- well that's really the first triple play that I've seen in my forty years or something in the game. There was one other one, but I went to the bathroom and ... [laughter]... and then I missed it. And then I came out I'm like, 'What happened?', everybody was getting their gloves and they said, 'Triple play.' So, tonight I was happy to see my first real triple play in a baseball game."

"We've had a bunch of things happen this year, a bunch of firsts for the Nationals, and a few things happen -- I didn't know that was the first one in baseball ever? Wow, man. That's a good omen I think."