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Game 114 WPA: Hothouse. Nats lose 5-8

Stras didn't have it tonight, and the bats didn't have enough.

FP thinks you should use more rosin.
FP thinks you should use more rosin.
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Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Melllllltinngggggg: Stephen Strasburg (-40.8%) is a sweaty mess with poor command, giving up 6 runs (one inherited) in 5 1/3 IP with 7 Ks and 2 walks.
  • Just think if he could bunt: Trea Turner (+6.3%) singles in a run with two outs in the third to get the Nats on the board and give us a fleeting false hope that they would be competitive tonight (+10.1%).
  • Tony all-bags: Anthony Rendon (+14.8%) cranks a no-doubt, two-run bomb fives rows back past the edge of the visiting bullpen to put the Nats (briefly) ahead in the 4th (+22.6%).
  • You were better the other night: Matt Belisle (-12.1%) coughs up an inherited runner plus one of his own to put the Nats down by 4 in the 6th and earn a meltdown.
  • Particularly unhelpful: Wilson Ramos (-11.9%) refuses to be a hero, going 0-4 with 2 Ks and 4 LOB.

Tonight's WPA brought to you by apt reruns: