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Game 115 WPA: Rey has the Force. Nats win 7-6.

Lopez is looking better and better, and the Nats put on a nice display of speed and hitting. The bullpen was a bit shaky, but you just know Paps would have lost it.

Hey, that's not Reynaldo Lopez!
Hey, that's not Reynaldo Lopez!
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

160813 wopa

Source: FanGraphs

  • Better every time: Reynaldo Lopez (+16.3%) gives up one run in 7+ IP, leaving with two runners on and no outs in the ayeth with 2 Ks and 2 walks on the evening.
  • Can't this guy hit a sac fly? Daniel Murphy (+14.9%) smacks a two-run homer to score Turner from third with less than two outs in the first and put the Nats ahead (+14.2%).
  • Depriving me of a chance to make a joke about Levi-Civita symbols: Trea Turner (+20.1%) is 3-5 with a 3rd-inning solo shot into LF (+9.9%) in addition to his first-inning lead off triple (+9.7%).
  • Also on the triple-train: Ben Revere (+7.6%) is 2-4 with a pair of triples.
  • Needs to pitch: Yusmeiro Petit (-6.1%) has a bit of rust, getting no outs in the 9th, letting in a run and leaving with runners corners to earn a meltdown.
  • We already had the free Chik-Fil-A possibility without the extra drama: Mark Melancon (+6.6%) brutally Slatens Petit, cashing in both inherited runners but holding the subsequent one-run lead to earn a shutdown.

Tonight's WPA brought to you by a pretty good night in Bakersfield: