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Game 116 WPA: Roark rules. Nats win 9-1.

Roark rules! Turner finally gets his double, Rendon and Heisey go yard, and Harper is good for a double and a walk in his return.

He gets it done, amirite?
He gets it done, amirite?
Greg Fiume/Getty Images

180814 wpa

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • He isn't the new anyone--he's his own thing: Tanner Roark (+18.8%) gives up one run in 7 IP with 3 Ks and 2 walks. He also makes some sparkling defensive plays off the mound.
  • Spede gaem: Ben Revere (+4.9%) forces an error on his bunt single to take second and drive in the Nats' first run in the first (+9.5%).
  • Powarr gaem: Bryce Harper (+9.9%) doubles in the Nats' second run in the next AB (+8.1%).
  • MOAR POWARR!! Anthony Rendon (+9.7%) flirts with stat-padding, cranking a three-run bomb into the visiting bullpen in LF with two out in the 5th (+8.5%).
  • STIL MOAR POWARR11!!1!!(ELEVENTY)!!(ONE)!!1!: Chris Heisey (-2.4%) is definitely stat-padding with a solo shot over the wall in left center to lead off the aeyth (+0.0%).

Today's WPA brought to you by thematic leftovers: