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Leftovers: Lopez strikes out 11 in win over hapless Braves

Revisiting the previous day's buffet to over-analyze a morsel of information, nugget from the box score, or tasty treat from the post-game quotes.

Kevin Liles/Getty Images

The Good: Reynaldo Lopez. The kid looks like he belongs, granted it was against the Braves — three veterans and a bunch of kids and nobodys. Dominant early, crafty late, piled up 11 Ks in seven innings with just four hits and two BBs. He’s got great "stuff," and at 22 he’s just starting to put it all together. In a perfect world he would have been allowed to spend all season in the minors logging innings, but he doesn’t look out of place in the bigs right now, either.

Also: Jayson Werth (2 for 4, RBI, run, extending his OBP streak), Bryce Harper (1 for 3, 2 BBs, 2 runs)

The Bad: Daniel Murphy. Not much opportunity for one of the team’s MVPs to earn the "bad" tag, but 0 for 4 will make him wear it for this one.

The Ugly: The Nats’ eighth inning. The Braves did everything they could to help the Nats put this one away: Swinging bunt; BB; BB; HBP (RBI); pitching change; RBI single; four-pitch walk; passed ball (run scores); E4; F7; RBI sac fly. A veritable pu-pu platter by the Braves.

Moments that mattered: Nats up 3-2 heading to the bottom of the seventh and Lopez was tiring quickly. Runner on second with two outs and Lopez lost Gordon Beckham, prompting a visit to the mound. Dusty Baker would have been perfectly justified and within his right to lift Lopez there for a fresh arm, but he challenged the kid and Lopez came though, getting Ender Inciarte to ground out to end the inning. You already read what happened next.