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Nationals’ CF Ben Revere makes a leaping grab to rob Freddie Freeman

Ben Revere took one back! With a leaping grab at the wall in right-center, Revere robbed Freddie Freeman.

Washington Nationals v Atlanta Braves Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Notorious Nats-killer Freddie Freeman almost did it to the WashingtonNationals again in the fourth tonight in Turner Field, sending a two-out shot to right-center for what looked like a home run until Ben Revere made a ridiculous leaping catch at the wall to bring it back in for out No. 3 of Tanner Roark’s fourth scoreless frame.

Revere can fly apparently...

Here’s what Dusty Baker had to say about Revere’s big catch after what ended up being a 7-6 win:

“It was very impressive. I saw it tonight in still frame. He needs to get that framed, because that was some catch. And then baseball has it, the very next inning, [Nick] Markakis takes one away from us.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in baseball in back-to-back innings. So, it was a good game. I got a little older tonight in that game, but I’m just glad that we won.”

Ben Revere told reporters, including Washington Post writer Chelsea Janes, what he was thinking when he made his way from center to right-center to rob Freeman:

Clint Robinson, who ended up coming up with the game-winning hit, said he was impressed with Revere’s catch:

Tanner Roark’s reaction to the catch might be the best part of the play: