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An autopsy of Jayson Werth's 46 game on-base streak

The Washington Nationals left fielder’s franchise record on-base streak ended Friday night in Atlanta. Here is what he did during those 46 games.

Washington Nationals v Atlanta Braves Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Jayson Werth's on-base streak began two months ago on June 20 in Los Angeles. It ended Friday, August 19th, in Atlanta.

For 46 straight games Werth got on base at least once via a hit or walk.

It is the longest such streak in Nationals history, beating Ryan Zimmerman’s 43 games streak in 2009.

During this streak the Nationals played 12 different opponents in 16 series and they won 28 of those 46 games.

Here are a few ways to look at what Werth did during these 46 games:

Streak - .264/.382/.460
Career - .270/.364/.461

199 PA, 23 singles, 14 doubles, 6 HR, 32 BB, 1 HBP

1x on base - 26 games
2x on base - 11 games
3x on base - 8 games
4x on base - 1 game

Base hits only - 20 games
Walks only - 13 games
Hits & walks - 12 games
Hit & HBP - 1 game

The on-base streak may be over, but Jayson Werth has proven that he still knows how to hit and get on base even in his old age.

If he can keep putting up career average numbers for the rest of 2016 it will be huge for the Nationals' offense as they head to the post-season.

We may not see a streak like this from a Nationals player in years and years. Then again, maybe we will. It's a rather hard thing to predict.

Every day exciting things like this are happening in baseball and the Nationals have more than their share of exciting things this season.

Every day is must-watch baseball and Jayson Werth showed that it’s not only the spry youngsters who can get fans excited about baseball.