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HR-Robbing Catch - Ben Revere - Topps NOW

Ben Revere is the latest Washington Nationals’ player to get the Topps NOW treatment after he robbed Freddie Freeman of a HR last night in Atlanta.

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Ben Revere had to cover a lot of ground to even have a chance, but he got there and pulled a potential Freddie Freeman home run back into the field of play in the fourth inning of last night’s 7-6 win over the Atlanta Braves in Turner Field.

Washington’s veteran center fielder told reporters after the Nationals’ win that while some were saying it was the catch of the year thus far, he wasn’t sure it was the best of his career.

“It may be up there,” Revere said, as quoted by MASN’s Mark Zuckerman.

“I’ve got to sit down and think about it. I had some really good ones in the minor leagues, too. ... I made some pretty good ones at some crappy stadiums.”

His teammates and manager were pretty sure it was one of the best catches they’ve seen.

Tanner Roark, who was on the mound and was spared a home run allowed, said it was one of the greatest he’s seen.

“That was probably, live, the most unbelievable catch I’ve ever seen,” Clint Robinson told MASN’s Dan Kolko after connecting for the eventual game-winning hit.

“Especially the teams that I’ve been on, that was unbelievable. You’ll see that on Sports Center tonight for sure.”

“It was very impressive,” Dusty Baker told reporters. “I saw it tonight in still frame. He needs to get that framed, because that was some catch.”

You know you want to take one more look:

It was captured by the Topps people in the latest Nationals-themed Topps NOW moment.

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