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Nationals: Stephen Strasburg placed on 15-Day DL with right elbow soreness

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The Washington Nationals reported this afternoon that Stephen Strasburg has been placed on the DL with right elbow soreness. A.J. Cole starts vs Baltimore.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Nationals announced this afternoon that Stephen Strasburg was placed on the 15-Day DL with right elbow soreness. A.J. Cole was recalled from Triple-A Syracuse to start tonight's series opener against the Baltimore Orioles.

In back-to-back-to-back losses in his last three starts, Stephen Strasburg has given up 24 hits and 19 earned runs in 11 ⅔ innings pitched (14.66 ERA) with opposing hitters putting up a .414/.462/.776 line against him.

Dusty Baker was asked after Strasburg got shelled in Coors Field in Colorado if he had any concerns about the 28-year-old right-hander's health, but he said, "No."

"I had health concerns, he wouldn’t be throwing 95-96, it was just a matter of poor location. He didn’t have his changeup. You could tell he didn’t have the grip on his changeup, which is one of his major weapons, and breaking balls are hard to throw here because they just spin up there."

Five days later, however, he's headed back to the DL. More info when it's available...