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Game 124 WPA: Tedious "rivalry" is tedious. Nats lose 3-4.

A.J. Cole ate the innings, but the Nats couldn't quite come through with enough runs.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • About as well as could be expected: A.J. Cole (-18.1%) doesn't get much love from the WPA hamsters, but 4 runs over 7 IP with 8 Ks and 2 walks is a lot better than any of us were thinking we'd see tonight.
  • Go-ahead (briefly): Daniel Murphy (+21.2%) singles in a run to put the Nats ahead in the first (+8.2%). Anthony Rendon (+8.9%) cranks a solo shot out to left center in the 4th to put the Nats ahead for a half-inning (+12.5%).
  • Not quite junk time, but I'm watching you: Danny Espinosa (+6.8%) hits a solo bomb of his own to get the Nats within one in the the 7th (+12.3%).
  • Wild swings: Murphy doubles to lead off the ayeth (+14.7%), but gets thrown out on an a FC when he breaks the wrong way on a grounder to the pitcher (-14.0%).
  • Goat: Ryan Zimmerman (-12.9%) strikes out flailing at a pitch down with runners 2nd/3rd to end the ayeth (-14.9%).
  • Also unhelpful: Wilson Ramos (-14.4%) is 0-3 with a HBP, a GDP, and 2 LOB.

Tonight's WPA brought to you by tristesse crossed with Dogma 95:

Note: This is "in the style of" Edith Piaf, it is not actually Edith Piaf.