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Game 128 WPA: The triumphant debut of Marc Rzepczynski. Nats win 8-5

Gio was serviceable, there was nice outpouring of offense, and Nats fans got deals on three different kinds of fast food.

Tag out! Get him in a figure-four leg-lock!
Tag out! Get him in a figure-four leg-lock!
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Brimming with adequacy: Gio Gonzalez (+10.2%) gives up 2 runs in 6 IP with 5 Ks and 1 walk.
  • Not one to miss a mistake: Jayson Werth (+7.1%) blasts a solo shot into right to put the Nats ahead early (+10.6%).
  • Go-ahead run? UR DOIN IT RONG: Jose Lobaton (-7.4%) manages to get the lead while reducing win expectancy with a run-scoring GDP in the 4th (-6.8%).
  • Also not one to miss a mistake: Daniel Murphy (+13.9%) bangs out a solo bomb of his own with two outs in the 5th (+11.8%).
  • Stat-padder: Bryce Harper (+2.2%) triples in the eventual game-winning runs in the 7th, but the WPA hamsters aren't paying attention (+1.9%).
  • In college, he walked more than he struck out: Anthony Rendon (+10.2%) is 1-1 with a double, a sac fly, and a pair of walks.
  • Shutdown: Koda Glover (+7.1%) gets 4 straight outs in relief of Gio before being inexplicably lifted.
  • Thanks for the free chicken sandwich: Shawn Kelley (+0.1%) gives up 3 runs but gets one out in the aeyth and two in the ninth to no particular WPA effect.

Tonight's WPA brought to you by style advice: