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Everyone loves Nationals’ leadoff man Trea Turner...

Washington Nationals’ leadoff man Trea Turner has impressed since he came up to the majors full time. Teammates, managers, everyone loves Trea Turner.

Colorado Rockies v Washington Nationals Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

In Friday night’s game with Colorado, Washington Nationals’ leadoff man Trea Turner caused the Rockies all kinds of trouble

Turner sent a grounder to short in his second at bat in the third. Rockies’ shortstop Cristhian Adames rushed a throw and sailed it over first, allowing Turner to take an extra base.

A pick attempt at second got away from Daniel Descalso, so Turner took third, and scored one out later on a groundout to second to put the Nationals ahead, 2-1.

He singled again to start the seventh and stole second again, advancing to third on an errant throw by catcher Nick Hundley, then scored on an RBI double by Werth, 5-2.

Turner went 2 for 5 with two runs scored overall on the night, leaving him with a .341/.364/.539 line, nine doubles, six triples, four home runs and 16 steals in 19 attempts.

“That’s that old expression... ‘Speed kills,’” Dusty Baker told reporters after the Nationals’ win.

"The kid's really fast," Rockies’ skipper Walt Weiss told reporters, as quoted on

"Guys like that they cause some problems when they get on base. Even on the contact play, the groundball to first. Most guys don't score on that."

“When you can run, boy,” Baker said, “you make people do things that they... make people rush, and if people rush in this game, most of the time they’re not themselves and most of the time they’re going to make mistakes and that’s what Trea does.

“Any ball that he hits, you’ve got to field it cleanly and throw it correctly. There’s no substitute for speed. You know how I like speed.

“I liked speed even when I was young and got a lot of tickets. I love speed.”

It’s not just his manager (or opposing managers) who are impressed with what Turner offers.

“That’s somebody that’s super-special,” Bryce Harper told reporters after Friday’s game.

“I was thinking tonight, imagine if he was up in May, June and July or before that, I mean, we might have already ran away with this thing.

“Having him at the top of the lineup, there’s nobody like him, I mean he’s super-special out there and it’s a lot of fun to be a part of, lot of fun to watch and he’s just going to grow and grow into a [better] ballplayer than he already is.”

“He’s been hot,” Jayson Werth said, when asked about hitting behind the Nationals’ new leadoff man.

“He’s come up here and swung the bat really good. He’s an exciting player. He wants to get us on base. He’s looking to either steal or move up or whatever it is.”

“When I was in Philly, I hit behind Jimmy Rollins, I hit second a couple different seasons and Jimmy was kind of like that, once he got on base he was looking to move up, so I’ve hit behind a guy like that before and I’m used to that, so it’s no problem, he’s kind of making us go right now.”

Werth said it hasn’t forced him to change his approach at all, and actually works well with how he goes about his own business at the plate.

“I think it kind of plays into my game. I like to see pitches and work counts and give the guy opportunities.”

“It puts pressure on the other team and makes for an exciting game.”

Turner went 2 for 6 with 2 Ks on Saturday... and stole another base.