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Game 111 WPA: Duel in the sun. Nats win 1-0

Roark is solid, the defense is strong, the bullpen is nails, and one run is enough.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Can we start taking him for granted yet? Tanner Roark (+43.3%) throws 7 scoreless with 5 Ks, 3 walks, and some nifty defense behind him (see below).
  • Roark gets the WPA credit for these plays: Trea Turner (-8.9%) ends the 6th with a tag-play 4-3 DP (+7.7%), while Ben Revere (-0.2%) makes an over-the-shoulder catch in the apex in dead CF to strand 2 runners in scoring position in the 7th (+10.0%).
  • I think Ollie actually did moose antlers to celebrate: Wilson Ramos (+19.8%) finally breaks the scoreless tie with an oppo solo shot into the first row above the center of the out of town scoreboard in center-right (+21.0%).
  • Good thing Paps saved the bullpen yesterday: Shawn Kelley (+11.7%) throws a 1-2-3 aeyth to hold the lead and earn a shutdown.
  • Finally, a high-leverage spot: Mark Melancon (+15.6%) faces the bottom of the order with a one-run lead in the 9th and goes 1-2-3 to earn a shutdown.

Today's WPA brought to you by the three best friends your car ever had: