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Hits in all 19 GAMES vs Mets sets records - Daniel Murphy - Topps NOW

Daniel Murphy put up a .413/.444/.773 line with hits in each of the 19 games he played against the Mets in his first season with the Nationals.

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After a 6 for 12 series in which he hit three doubles in three games, Daniel Murphy had hits in each of the 19 games against his former team this season after leaving the New York Mets to sign a 3-year/$37.5M with the Washington Nationals last winter.

Murphy finished the regular season 31 for 75 (.413/.444/.773) with six doubles, seven home runs, 21 RBIs, five walks and nine Ks in 81 plate appearances against the Mets.

With hits in all 19 games vs the Mets; Murphy tied longest single-season hitting streak vs one team in the divisional era (since 1969) as noted by @NationalsPR.

It’s also the longest hit streak vs a former team since Lou Brock’s 17-game hit streak vs the Chicago Cubs in 1969.

Earlier this season, Mets’ skipper Terry Collins talked about understanding Murphy’s motivation and not being surprised by his success.

"Well, we've seen it, and as you know he's pumped up to play against us and show us we made a mistake," Collins told reporters.

"It's human nature and it's part of the game, and we've just got to make better pitches. We're giving him balls to hit.”

"He has a lot of friends over there and former teammates, and probably still friends," Dusty Baker told reporters in July, as quoted by MASN's Mark Zuckerman.

"Anybody that’s been traded, or played on a roster and their team didn’t sign them, or whatever it was, it definitely means more when you’re playing your old team."

Murphy dominated his former team all season long. His new teammates and coaches have been impressed, not just by what he did against the Mets.

“His year has been amazing,” Bench Coach Chris Speier told reporters after filling in on the bench for Baker in the series finale on Wednesday.

“It just seems like — when I think, you know, from my experience, when I think that it might be good to give him a day... he’ll come out and get two or three hits and I know he really wants to play against these guys. He just — if you’ve seen him day in and day out, he’s a grinder, he doesn’t give at bats away, and he hits the ball hard more consistently than anybody that I’ve seen this year.”

#MurphVP? He’s got some serious competition in Chicago. He’s also got his own Topps NOW card after he collected a hit in his 19th game against the Mets yesterday.

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