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Bryce Harper stars in Gatorade’s latest set of ads

Bryce Harper is an ad-making machine for Gatorade — but he wasn’t asleep in this set of new ads.

This year’s season has been anything but kind to Bryce Harper. The right fielder, who earned NL MVP honors in 2015, has struggled to match his numbers from last season.

Harper is hitting .240 (90 points lower than his .330 clip in 2015) with 24 home runs (he hit 42 last season), and according to SI’s Tom Verducci, he is still battling through a shoulder injury.

However, the phenom got the chance to take out some frustrations in three new ads for Gatorade, part of the company’s “Burn It To Earn It” campaign.

One ad, which depicts Harper throwing out a Gatorade-drinking pedestrian in a pickle situation, and then chasing him down for the lover of blue Gatorade to earn his drink, reminds us how much Harper (the champion of the “Make Baseball Fun Again” movement) hates the unwritten rulebook.

In another ad, Harper charges the mound after a fan that attempts to “slow pitch” to Harper fails miserably, before forcing another pair of unsuspecting fans to participate in a game of pepper.

The ads were just the latest in Bryce Harper’s partnership with Gatorade, which has churned out advertisements and promotions featuring the slugger since the 2014 season.

Check out the new ads below: