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How Nationals’ Bryce Harper got that Katie Ledecky swim cap for NL East title celebration

Bryce Harper celebrated the Nationals clinching the 2016 NL East title with a Katie Ledecky USA swim cap on his head. How did he get the cap?

Washington Nationals v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Bryce Harper wore a custom-designed fireman’s helmet for the clubhouse celebration of the Washington Nationals’ 2014 NL East crown.

This time around, the Nationals’ 23-year-old defending National League MVP donned a Katie Ledecky Team USA swim cap and goggles for this past weekend’s celebration of Washington’s third NL East title in the last five years.

Harper, of course, helped the five-time Olympic gold medalist out with her first pitch when she visited Nationals Park last month after her successful run at the Rio games.

Harper held all five of Ledecky’s gold medals while she threw the pitch from the mound in the nation’s capital.

Harper wrote on Instagram after that game that it, “Was a pleasure holding something so valuable and important to this great country 2020 Olympics here I come, I need to get 1 of my own so I don't have to just hold Katie's!”

Asked this weekend how he ended up getting the cap to wear for the celebration, Harper said, “She got it for me and I’m wearing it, so why not, I’ll take it,” when he talked to MASN’s Dan Kolko.

Ledecky, in an interview posted on Twitter this afternoon, explained that she actually sent Harper the swim cap he wore as part of a note to thank Harper for helping her out during the first pitch.

Ledecky was happy to see the cap put to good use this past weekend: