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Nationals’ Bryce Harper ecstatic to see bride on wedding day

Featuring Ian Desmond and what appears to be the back of Jayson Werth’s head!

Bryce Harper and his wife, Kay Harper.
C/o @Kayy.Harper on Instagram (

As you may know, Bryce Harper recently got married to high school sweetheart Kay Varner (now Kay Harper) at the Mormon temple in San Diego.

Details about the wedding were kept pretty quiet, and there weren’t too many photos or videos on social media seeing as only Mormons were allowed inside the temple for the ceremony.

However, Harper recently posted a video showing off some of the wedding’s highlights — Harper seeing his bride for the first time, the two walking into the reception, where friends and family, including Ian Desmond and what looks like Jayson Werth greeted the newlyweds, and the wedding photos, among other extremely romantic, not baseball-related-whatsoever activities.

After the video, lots of people were asking Bryce about his spiffy suit with a pretty crazy design on the inside (in true Harper fashion), featuring photos of the couple together.

Harper later posted a photo on Instagram showing off the full extent of the suit’s craziness (and coolness).