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Your best Nationals promotional schedule ideas

We asked, you answered.

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A couple of days ago, we asked you to share your best giveaway ideas for the 2017 promotional schedule... and you had a lot of ideas.

Let’s take a look at some of the best.

This idea that the Nationals would actually be smart to consider:

If you didn’t know, adult coloring books are a real thing now, and a pretty popular thing at that. What could be more stress relieving than coloring in the red and blue piping on Bryce Harper’s jersey?

This idea that taps into one of the weirdest moments in the Nationals’ history:

In case you missed it, the Nationals had a serious pigeon problem in Game 2 of the NLDS.

But, the Nats did win that game, which might suggest that the pigeons have a little more magic in them than we initially thought.

This idea to celebrate Jayson Werth’s last season with the club:

Wolfpack hats look like this, by the way.

This serious, practical idea to get fans into the ballpark:

Incidentally, a lot of people seem to be very interested in the prospect of the return of the magnet schedule.

This idea that keeps it simple:

This idea that may be the one of the greatest things since the movie “A League of Their Own”:

Although it may be hard to get the legal rights to do this, it would be extremely cool.

This idea that may be slightly explicit:


This idea that is a less explicit version of the previous idea:

There we go.

This extremely creative idea:

Trea Centurner? Centaurea Centaurner? The possibilities are endless!

This sweet idea:

Of course, we would first have to decide the flavor of the Pez inside.

This bobblehead that would be really exciting for the friends and family of Captain Obvious:

Captain Obvious is a minor celebrity at Nats park at this point, especially after all the times Bob and F.P. have talked about him on the air.

This idea that MASN would likely be more than happy to coordinate:

Now if only there was an idea for a Dan Kolko bobblehead...

This idea that Bryce Harper, Las Vegas native, could probably get behind:

The Elvis fanatics in the crowd would thank the Nationals very much.

A few we heard in the comments section...
Trea Turner Road Runner bobblehead -- Scherzer’s Blue Eye

Charlie and Dave alarm clock (“Bang, Zoom, time to get up!”) -- saintpaddy

Goodnight Moon Jayson Werth story book (Jayson says goodnight to various things around Nats Park) -- saintpaddy

Ryan Zimmerman Dr Scholl’s Nationals Shoe inserts -- saintpaddy