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Nationals’ Bryce Harper & Yankees’ prospect Clint Frazier’s budding friendship continues with Twitter conversation about hair

C’mon, what else would Bryce Harper talk about?

Arizona Diamondbacks at Washington Nationals Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post via Getty Images

Clint Frazier, an outfielder in the New York Yankees’ farm system, hasn’t even reached the major leagues yet, but he already has a major league level Twitter bromance with one of baseball’s biggest stars, Bryce Harper.

Harper and Frazier have been exchanging quips on the social networking site for months now — Frazier has mentioned recruiting Harper to the Yankees in the past (something that Harper has undoubtedly already heard enough about at this point) —but Frazier kept the conversation mainly on hair this time, with a quick mention of wearing the Yankee pinstripes.

Frazier started the conversation on Wednesday by replying to an @MLB tweet with a GIF of Bryce Harper, making a comment about his planned hairdo for the 2017 season.

Harper responded to the Frazier with some practical advice for the 22-year-old regarding the Yankees’ policy on hair and facial hair, which Frazier was just fine with.

If the two ever end up as teammates, or even in the same room, they’ll definitely have a lot to talk about. But until then, they’ll just have to keep using Twitter.