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Wire Taps: Joe Ross is part of Nationals' future plans; Nats hire De Jon Watson; What's going on with Stephen Drew?

Catch up on the last weekend of Washington Nationals news so you're up-to-date for your afternoon conversations...

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The baseball season is insufferably long. The winter is insufferably long. Something has to give eventually, right?

Here's the news from Nats Park.

Joe Ross is now a part of the Nationals' future plans. Now, he has to stay healthy
Joe Ross has shown he can be a valuable part of the Nationals' pitching rotation -- but he has to be healthy for any of that to work.

Wait, what happened to Stephen Drew?
Stephen Drew was a big part of the Nats' bench last season, but still hasn't signed with any team yet (including the Nats). That's kind of a problem for the Nats -- both on the bench and off of it.

Max Scherzer in the company of greatness with another, lesser-known award win
Max Scherzer won a less-known pitching award this fall, from the Negro League Baseball Museum for National League Pitcher of the Year -- the Wilber "Bullet" Rogan award,

Bryce Harper: Still very strong
He lifted 505 pounds. No big deal.

Nats hire De Jon Watson as special assistant
The former DBacks and Dodgers executive will serve as a special assistant to Mike Rizzo.

Days until pitchers and catchers report: 35