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Washington Nationals vs Chicago Cubs 2017 NLDS Game 1-2 start times announced...

Washington and Chicago start their NLDS matchup at 7:31 PM in D.C. on Friday night.

Miami Marlins v Washington Nationals Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Washington’s Nationals and the Chicago Cubs won’t have to worry about the early afternoon shadows in Nationals Park because MLB just announced that Game 1 of their NLDS matchup will start at 7:31 PM on Friday (10/6).

Game 2 of the Nationals’ Division Series with the defending World Series champs will start at 5:35 PM on Saturday (10/7).

Both games are being broadcast on TBS.

So now we know when. The next question will be who... as in who starts for the Nats in the first two games with the Cubs.

Dusty Baker and Max Scherzer acknowledged today that Scherzer tweaking his right hamstring could affect the Nationals’ plans for their NLDS rotation, though that hopefully just means Stephen Strasburg starting Game 1 (if he wasn’t already going to) to give Scherzer an extra day to work on the hammy.

From what he’s said (half-jokingly) so far, Baker might wait till the last possible moment to tip his hand. We’ll find out who takes the mound in Game 1 when the veteran skipper wants us to and not a moment before. What we do know now is that the NLDS starts at 7:31 on Friday in Nationals Park.