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Crazy guesses as to what the Washington Nationals’ problem is in the NLDS, and how to fix it...

Nobody knows what the issue is. Nobody. Here are a few guesses, though:

MLB: NLDS-Washington Nationals at Chicago Cubs Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

What can the Nats do differently to win today... and on Thursday? Well, it’s a little unclear right now, but here’s what we have:

  1. Score.
  2. Score again.
  3. Put the bat on the baseball so that: “the batter reaches first base before any fielder can either tag him with the ball, throw to another player protecting the base before the batter reaches it, or tag first base while carrying the ball.”
  4. Start Wilmer Difo in place of Trea Turner, let him get a leadoff hit, then pinch run Trea at first so that he thinks he was actually the one who got the hit.
  5. Knock out all of the Cubs, put them in Nationals uniforms, then put on their Cubs uniforms, and let the “Nationals” win the game.
  6. Bunt, but hit the ball with the round edge of the bat so that it pops up again, again, again, and again, then slowly walk the bouncing baseball out to the wall, where you can tap it over the fence.
  7. “Injure” Jose Lobaton, make a one-day trade for Jose Altuve, and start him at catcher.

Here are a few ideas from Twitter, but again: Random guesses. Nobody really knows what the problem is.

Again, just some wild guesses. It could also be the starting pitching, that’s been pretty dreadful.