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2017 NLDS SHOCKER!: Stephen Strasburg might pitch for the Washington Nationals against the Chicago Cubs today after all...

Is it possible? Have our prayers been answered? You were praying for Stephen Strasburg to recover and start today right? He might just do it...

Washington Nationals v Miami Marlins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Don’t burn your Stephen Strasburg No. 37 shirsey or jersey just yet, Nationals fans.

After twenty-four-ish hours of everyone in baseball questioning the 29-year-old’s intestinal fortitude, guts, cajones, how ever you want to put it, and after it was announced that he was under the weather and thus not going to start in Game 4 of the NLDS even after it postponed by rain last night, allowing him to possibly pitch on regular rest today, it appears that Washington’s 2009 No. 1 overall pick might just start against the Chicago Cubs this afternoon after all...

Your prayers worked, Nats fans!

[ed. note - “You were praying for him to recover from his flu-like symptoms, right? And not just pushing the “75 and sunny” or “hothouse flower” narratives, right?”]

According to reports from both Jon Morosi, of the MLB Network, and Fanrag’s Jon Heyman, Strasburg just might take the mound today in Wrigley Field:

Are the Nationals playing three-dimensional chess with us all? Was this all subterfuge?

GM Mike Rizzo addressed the possibility of Strasburg starting today — after Stras had reportedly told the Nationals on Tuesday that he was under the weather but able to go and give the team everything he had... or declined to pitch depending on your source.

Rizzo did, however, tell 106.7 the FAN in D.C.’s Sports Junkies that he could, in theory pitch in the game if he shows up feeling better from the flu-like symptoms he was experiencing.

Asked if he could make the switch if Strasburg came to the park and said he could go, Rizzo said of course.

“Legally you could make the switch,” Rizzo said. “I don’t anticipate that happening, but legally yeah, you could.”

It might just be happening. Hold on to your butts:

Dusty Baker is set to talk to reporters soon. Strasburg was set to talk to reporters as of last night, since he was expected to be the Game 5 starter, but as of this morning, MLB sent out notes that said “TBD” in the spot for the Nationals’ player who will talk to the media.

While the understandable assumption at first was that the right-hander was just trying avoid the media firestorm, maybe, just maybe, there’s another reason for the change...