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Wire Taps: Stephen Strasburg rewrites legacy; Gio Gonzalez or Tanner Roark for Nationals tonight; Win or go home...

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before the start of Game 5 with the Cubs in D.C.

MLB: NLDS-Washington Nationals at Chicago Cubs Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, so here we are again. Today. And heading into the game, all that anyone will want to talk about is pitching — who starts, who relieves who, etc., etc.

But I’m here to remind you that this series has continued to belong to the team able to score just enough. So, yet again: If the Nats don’t hit, they don’t win. Everything that could’ve sunk them on that front yesterday could very well sink them tonight. Hitting is what matters for this team tonight, end of story (although some good pitching wouldn’t hurt).

Now that we’ve got that all cleared up, for what could be the last time this year, here’s the news from Nationals Park.

Stephen Strasburg rewrote his legacy last night
Stephen Strasburg, in the span of 12 hours, went from soft to stupid to legendary. Not a bad day.

Best and worst from Game 4
Best: A grand slam here or there. Worst: The Nats tend not to win -- scratch that, D.C. sports teams tend not to win -- games like the Nats are playing tonight.

Strasburg, ill himself, leaves Cubs feeling sick
Fueled by rage. And antibiotics. And mold. No matter what it was, Strasburg dominated the Cubs and saved the Nats' season.

After surviving the wildest day in franchise history, the Nats get a chance to re-write the script tonight
Stephen Strasburg came back from the dead and saved the Nats on a rainy day where only one ball left the yard. Now comes the hard part: Winning again.

Gio Gonzalez or Tanner Roark will get ball tonight
Or both. Or Roark, then Gonzalez, then Scherzer. Who knows.

The sick Stephen Strasburg situation produced no shortage of reactions - The Washington Post
Everyone had a take on this one.

Michael Morse will throw out tonight's first pitch
In a day or twooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Were Cubs using an Apple Watch in the dugout?
Dun dun dun....

The Metro will be closed long before the end of Game 5
Barring a miracle in which the Nats' game ends in less than three hours, the final train back into town will leave a good time before the game ends tonight.

Today’s Game: Cubs vs Nationals — 8:08 PM (TBS)
Probable Pitchers: Kyle Hendricks vs TBD