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Wire Taps: Coming to terms with Washington Nationals’ season ending...

We searched for all the Washington Nationals-related links we could find to keep you up-to-date on the unending, insufferable sadness... wait what?

Divisional Round - Chicago Cubs v Washington Nationals - Game Five Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

While we still can (before all the Nats-related stories dry up and Winter bores us all to death with its baseball-less-ness-es)... we collected all the latest Washington Nationals links out there in this handy post so you don’t have to search for it all yourself. Why waste your time? We waste our time for you. It’s going to be a long winter, but after that it all... uh... it all starts over, which right now seems depressing-ish. We’ll stop now and just let you get to reading...

The little things add up in the Nationals' close playoff losses
"The Chicago Cubs’ 9-8 win over the Washington Nationals was one of the more chilling, complex, bizarre, explosive, shocking and hang-by-a-thread baseball marathons I’ve ever seen."

Nationals must wait until next year after NLDS
"It's never easy," general manager Mike Rizzo said. "I thought we should have won all four times. We had the talent to win, but it didn't happen."

Nationals mine new depths of anguish with latest October horror story
"The Nationals have lost the past eight one-run games they have played in the postseason, and that represents eight of the nine losses in the last three Division Series in which they have played."

Taylor solidifies place in outfield with powerful NLDS performance
"But one thing is for sure following Thursday’s Game 5 loss to the Cubs: Michael A. Taylor is a budding star."

McElroy: There's no DC sports curse. Just constant misery
"What has D.C. done to deserve this? Is there really a curse in the nation’s capital? Was it just coincidence that Game 5 ended on Friday, Oct. 13?"

Which Prospects Stood Out In Texas League This Past Season?
"[Max] Schrock is turning out to be a steal of a prospect from the Washington Nationals. The second baseman isn’t flashy, but he continues to make contact, get on base, and not strike out a lot at all."

The Nationals' biggest offseason questions
"There’s the managerial situation to sort out. There are some veterans about to become free agents. There are some really important players about to enter their contract years."

Stephen Strasburg’s "flu game” reminded us of an unwritten postseason rule
"Now, there’s the standard motivation and desire to win in the postseason that I just mentioned, and then there’s the motivation that Stephen Strasburg had as he took the mound for Game 4 on Wednesday night."