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Wire Taps: Welcome to the Washington Nationals’ offseason; Dusty Baker’s status big offseason question for Nats...

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news as we try to figure out what to do with ourselves since there’s no Nats baseball till Spring Training...

MLB: Washington Nationals-Workouts Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to... the offseason! (Air horns blast).

We’ve got a long, mostly boring, at times exciting ride in store for you in which we’ll spend a fair amount of time trying to understand how it’s not February yet. The Nats will play their first spring game on February 23rd, 2018, which is in 114 days, and the only starter getting at-bats will be Adam Eaton, because how long has it been since the man was in a batter’s box, my God. Yikes. Okay, overdid the spring thing.

I mean, look, with all due respect (you’re reading this article right now), why would you read this article? The Nationals just played 167 games, a great deal of them, especially towards the beginning and the end, were quite painful — stop following the news. Get some sleep. Read a book. Pat your dog.

However, for the lunatics out there, here’s what’s a-hopping by the Anacostia.

(Oh, one more thing: If you have more location-based intros, let me know. Two years in, and I’m getting a little tired of “The Beat from South Capitol Street.”)

Nationals must wait until next year after NLDS
"It's never easy," general manager Mike Rizzo said. "I thought we should have won all four times. We had the talent to win, but it didn't happen."

The five biggest questions facing the Nats this offseason
Will Dusty Baker stay? Jayson Werth? Do the Nats need to look to upgrade at catcher? What will the bench look like?

The Nationals won't win the World Series, so we look back on their season
"Sorry, Washington Nationals, but you won’t sit on the Iron Throne this season."

'Best Day Ever': Baseball's best moments at RFK from the Senators to the Nats
"Ever since it opened as a first-of-its-kind multipurpose facility in 1961, RFK Stadium has seen its share of memorable and even historic baseball moments."

What we've learned this MLB postseason and what to expect next
"Well, one thing we’ve learned this postseason is that the defense most definitely matters. Ask the Nationals."

Looking at the NLDS by the numbers
Yet again, the Nats outscored their opponent in total during the five game stretch. Yet again, it didn't matter.

Baker's status the biggest choice the Nationals will have to make this offseason
How much credit does Baker deserve for the consecutive division titles? And, how much does he deserve for two consecutive Game 5 NLDS losses? And what about Mike Maddux?

Dealing Doolittle and Madson at the deadline gives Oakland two quality prospects
Sure, the Nationals will enjoy Doolittle and Madson for the next few years. But what the Athletics gained is nothing to cough at.