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Wire Taps: Max Scherzer says hammy issue isn’t major; Throw Stephen Strasburg if there’s any concern? Anthony Rizzo thinks Scherzer good to go...

Catch up on the last 24 hours of the regular season and get ready for the NLDS, all in one place, with the latest news on the Nationals...

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that — yesterday, and those past 162 games — was interesting. Either way, it didn’t really matter, because the story, as it has been for these last few Nats teams, is what comes next. Strap in, all.

Here’s the news from Nats Park.

Max Scherzer on hamstring injury: "Nothing major"
Scherzer can walk, run, and play catch -- in other words, baseball activities are all good. The question isn't if he'll return, it's for what game.

Scherzer hamstring tweak could influence NLDS starting rotation order
Scherzer was walking, running, throwing the baseball, and all that jazz on Sunday. But Dusty Baker wants Max at 100%, not 95%.

Scherzer, Strasburg, can lead the Nats to postseason glory -- if nothing cramps their style
Cramps -- yes, cramps -- have been the enemy of Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg this season. If they're healthy by October 6th (or 7th), it'll be hard to beat the Nationals.

Rival players scout Nationals
On Scherzer: "If his fastball command is good, you're going to be in for a long day." On Strasburg: "You don't want to get to two strikes against him." On Doolittle: "He throws 97 and it plays more like 100."

Gonzalez under the weather, says it's no excuse in rough outing against Pirates
Gonzalez allowed six runs against Pittsburgh, couldn't get strike calls, and felt overall terrible in his final regular season outing. Here's hoping it doesn't translate to October.

With Strasburg dealing, there's no reason to rush Scherzer (too much)
Scherzer thought he was all a-okay despite tweaking his hamstring in a start against the Pirates. Which, if that's true, is awesome. If it isn't, that's also okay, because Stephen Strasburg may have been even better than Scherzer down the stretch.

Jayson Werth hears cheers as Nats float into the postseason
It was a long, weird, relaxed, tired afternoon. Everyone needs a break (there's one coming soon), but Jayson Werth got to savor the moment at Nationals Park one more time.

Nats-Cubs start times announced
Game 1 will be at the traditional time of 7:31 PM, whereas Game 2 will come at the classic hour of 5:38. Both will be on TBS.

Bryce Harper lines two singles, has best game since DL return
Harper showed signs of getting back into the swing of things, with two singles on Sunday, and a trip from first to home on a double,

Nats honor minor league awardees
Daniel Johnson hit 22 homers and stole 22 bases, while posting a .298 clip in both low and high A-ball. Here. He. Comes.

Shawn Kelley pitched with bone chips in elbow for most of season
Kelley finally revealed that he had been suffering from bone chips, which is even more difficult to deal with for a guy who's gone through two Tommy John surgeries.

Kelley, done for season, makes plan to return completely healthy
Kelley, in the worst season of his career, was never 100%, or anywhere near it, actually. Surgery is complicated, and the Nats don't have a great idea of how to attack it.

Suero, Johnson, Read appreciate organizational honors
Wander Suero was in the big leagues on Sunday! To sit in a press conference room. And accept an award.

2018 Draft Order: Tigers, then, 26 spots later, Nationals
27th pick = 1st pick. First rule of the game.

So hard to say goodbye: MLB Free Agent edition
"Werth was the heart and soul of a franchise that became a consistent contender in the NL East."

News from Wrigley Field:

Here's why the Cubs will win the World Series
They're healthy, they've been there before, and Kris Bryant is Kris Bryant again. See ya, Nats.

A diminished Max Scherzer changes the entire complexion of the NLDS
Scherzer could be compromised, even if he is pitching. Even so, Joe Maddon doesn't buy the "tweak" line, and thinks Scherzer is downplaying the injury.

After spending the regular season waiting to get back to October, the Cubs are finally back
The Cubs have the same cast, and know how to do it. Then again, it may all fall apart. Either way, the Cubs are excited to be back on the exhilarating stage of October.

Taking a look at the Cubs' postseason roster
John Lackey in the bullpen? It could happen.

Anthony Rizzo on Max Scherzer: "He's going to be ready to pitch."
Pundits and beat reporters, from the info they have, aren't sure about Max Scherzer's playoff status. Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo is thinking a little differently.

NLDS Game 1: Cubs vs Nationals — 10/6/17; 7:31 PM (TBS)