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Check out Washington Nationals’ pitcher Max Scherzer rocking the burgundy and gold at Monday Night Football...

Max Scherzer is finally going out again. He’s probably been going out for a while now, but he’s been officially spotted out on the town in Philly.

C/o @dckerNBC4 on Twitter (

On an average Monday night in Philly, Washington and Philadelphia were facing off on ESPN to decide who gets to claim superiority in the NFC East.

Washington has its fair share of celebrity fans, including Kevin Durant, Matthew McConaughey, and Taraji P. Henson — however, none of those famous fans were present, so someone had to pick up the slack.

Enter Nationals’ ace Max Scherzer:

Scherzer originally hails from eastern Missouri, which would’ve likely made him a St. Louis Rams fan had the Rams still been around. However, Washington was good enough in a pinch — and it seems he didn’t get half-bad seats either.

Now, the obvious question: Can Scherzer throw a football as well as he does a baseball? And if he can, what teams are looking for a quarterback that have kept a head coach for longer than two years? He’s, uh, asking for a friend.