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Wire Taps: Joe Girardi-mania; Dave Martinez is a leading candidate; Players unhappy with Dusty Baker decision...

Catch up the latest JOE GIRARDI Nationals news JOE GIRARDI so you can impress your JOE GIRARDI friends with your knowledge JOE GIRARDI!!!!

Chicago Cubs v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Apparently, the Nats want to have a name by the end of the World Series, which means we could have a name unofficially by Monday, and a presser by Wednesday. Or, we could be waiting until November 2nd. Or, we could just be reciting quotes from Dusty’s extension presser. Really, either way.

Here’s the scoop from South Capitol.

A few theories on the Nationals' insane call to let Dusty Baker go

Mike Rizzo apparently fought for Dusty Baker to stay. He was overruled. What happened? Well, it seems like another NLDS loss was in fact the catalyst. And the players on the team, well, they're not happy with the constant upheaval. Here are a few other theories on what may have happened.

Dave Martinez an early leading candidate for the Nats
Some people in the organization think Martinez is the right guy for the job, which benefits Martinez vastly due to the high speed at which the Nats are moving.

Nats expect healthy Eaton to be year-long force in 2018
"Eaton was exactly as advertised, a grinder who found his way on base at a nice clip, drove the ball to the gaps, hustled on every single play and never let up."

Dave Martinez in D.C. to interview with Nats for job
Martinez is considered the front-runner inside the organization, even with Joe Girardi now on the market, according to sources inside the team.

Mike Maddux will leave Nats to go join Cardinals
Dun dun dun... Another one bites the dust... And another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust...

Anthony Rendon, Michael A. Taylor named Gold Glove finalists
Rendon is a finalist for the second straight year, and will likely lose to Nolan Arenado, who positions himself poorly and then makes flashy plays to make up for it, despite Rendon having significantly better stats on defense. As for Michael A. Taylor, we'll see.

MLB’s Joe Torre confirms that Nationals were hurt by a blown call in NLDS Game 5
Remember that Javy Baez backswing that clocked Matt Wieters, allowing the ball to get away, forcing Wieters to rush an off-line throw to first base, letting another run score? Yeah, turns out that run didn't actually score. CALL BACK THE TEAMS FOR ONE MORE INNING AT A TIED SCORE, WINNER GETS TO CLAIM THEY LOST TO L.A.

Victor Robles homers to cap strong start to first week in Arizona Fall League
Is it as exciting as the NLDS? Uh, definitely not. Does Robles still need some more seasoning? Uh, definitely. Does he need that much? We'll let you judge the numbers.

Nats prospects head for winter league play
"Not every Nationals prospect is playing or has reported to their respective winter league ballclub, but here is a list of those that are underway..."

Joe Girardi-related news, of which there is PLENTY.

Joe Girardi to the Nationals? The question is no longer hypothetical
Two days ago, columnists made the case for the Nats to ring Girardi's phone, just in case. Yesterday, they demanded it, with Barry Svrluga leading the way, noting that Girardi was the "one managerial candidate who represents an obvious upgrade from Dusty Baker." Now comes the hard part -- the money.

Joe Girardi's availability vastly complicates Nats' managerial situation
The Nats' fan base will probably demand nothing short of Girardi at the helm next season. Girardi will probably demand nothing short of $5 million. The Lerners will probably demand Girardi's services for roughly $.01.

4 potential moves for Joe Girardi after being fired by the Yankees
Philly? D.C.? Beach? Hike the Appalachian trail?

Why fire a winning manager? Nats, Yankees both have questions to answer
Both the Nats and the Yankees had managers that were good, well-established guys to lead a team. Both the Nats and the Yankees went to the playoffs. What, exactly, is the motive here?

Brian Cashman thought Joe Girardi was the right manager for 2008, but not 2018
Joe Girardi is, compared to the new wave of managers spreading across baseball, old and wary of analytics. The Yankees, a young team on the rise, decided that Girardi wasn't best for that team. The Nats, on the other hand?