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Washington Nationals’ superstar Bryce Harper has never watched Star Wars, and we have questions

For the love of... He.. WHAT.

Divisional Round - Chicago Cubs v Washington Nationals - Game Five
“I can’t believe Han Solo shot first in the original cut of “A New Hope!” - Bryce Harper (not a real quote).
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Bryce Harper entered the world in 1992, which meant he got to experience some cool stuff — the golden age of NickToons, Toy Story, Jurassic Park, and apparently the golden age of rapper Riff Raff.

However, growing up, it’s quite possible Harper only knew Star Wars for Phantom Menace — which, frankly, is like knowing the Bulls only for Derrick Rose, or knowing the Patriots for Drew Bledsoe. Their time was, uh, passable, but ultimately ended in failure, and they were either predated or followed by far superior iterations.

And, if you only knew Star Wars for Phantom Menace —- well, would you watch? Apparently, Bryce Harper’s answer to that question was ‘no.’

C/o @BHarper3407 on Instagram.

That’s right — Bryce Harper has never seen New Hope, Empire, or Jedi. For crying out loud, he didn’t even go and see Force Awakens. What else did he have going on that day? Or rather, those three months that it was in theaters?

How does one go through life without seeing Sir Alec Guinness’s brilliance as Obi Wan to inspire one to be a veteran mentor one day? How did Harper not see a little of himself in Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, or in Harrison Ford as Han Solo, both young upstarts running on fumes? How did Harper not enjoy the acting skill of Mark Hammi... okay, scratch that last one.

San Diego Padres v Washington Nationals Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

Hopefully, Harper will see Star Wars and be inspired to defy the odds and lead the Nats to a World Series despite internal turmoil. Then again, if he watches it in the order of Menace to Jedi, he may decide to join the Yanke—er, the sith.