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NLDS 2017: Jumping on the Washington Nationals bandwagon, all the cool kids are doing it...

We pitched the idea of jumping on the Nationals bandwagon for the postseason to Mariners fans...

Seattle Mariners v Washington Nationals Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

Judging by the early comments over at our fellow SB Nation site, Lookout Landing, which covers the Seattle Mariners, M’s fans are none too happy with the fact that Federal Baseball’s staff brought up Anthony Rendon repeatedly in a post we did in which we pitched the idea of jumping on the Washington Nationals bandwagon in postseason play. Just kidding really, but it did seem to a be a topic of discussion...

The Mariners, of course, drafted left-handed pitcher Danny Hultzen second overall in 2011, four spots before the Nationals took Rendon (who fell to No. 6 because he was considered by many — or at least the Top 5 teams, to be an injury risk). The Mariners are just one of the five teams that decided against drafting Rendon that June, and it worked out well for the Nationals.

So will Mariners fans pick Rendon’s Nats as their postseason team to cheer for since they’re not advancing this time around?

We made our pitch to Seattle fans via Lookout Landing. You can read the entire post through the link below. Here’s how we sold the idea of jumping on the bandwagon in D.C.:

“Dusty Baker has never won a World Series. He’s not signed for next season. You’d like to see the Nationals win one for Dusty. Jayson Werth, at 38, is in the final season of the 7-year/$126M deal he signed with the Nationals before 2011, and he’s looking to bring a title back to the nation’s capital. Who doesn’t want to watch Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg go deep in the postseason, just to watch them pitch. Trea Turner is going to be your new favorite player by the time the Nationals beat the Cubs, if they are able to. GM Mike Rizzo tried to sign an elite closer this winter, didn’t get one, had his bullpen implode, and had to go out and fix it... and he did. Adding Sean Doolittle, Ryan Madson, and Brandon Kintzler in July/August was huge. There is a lot to like about the Nationals, plus the nation’s capital hasn’t seen a World Series since 1933, and they haven’t won one since 1924. To paraphrase Scott Pilgrim, “There are reasons for you to cheer for the Nationals.”

You can read out entire pitch for jumping on the Nats bandwagon here: