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Houston Astros at Los Angeles Dodgers: World Series Game 6 GameThread...

Houston’s win in Sunday’s bonkers Game 5 set them up with two opportunities to win the 113th World Series. Will Los Angeles live to play another day? We find out tonight when they play Game 6 in Dodger Stadium.

World Series - Houston Astros v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Two Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

With Sunday night’s extra innings win over the Los Angeles Dodgers, Houston’s Astros are one victory away from winning the 113th World Series. A.J. Hinch, in his pregame press conference on Monday, talked to reporters about his approach going into what could be a decisive Game 6. Will he manage, or approach it, any differently tonight?

“Well, I think you try to win Game 6,” Hinch said matter of factly.

“I think when you consume yourself with too much ‘what ifs’ in the future, it will only complicate matters. So I'm going to proceed just trying to win Game 6. And if that means I have to use guys in a unique way, that's fine. If the game warrants any decision to try to win the game, I think you have to try to win the game that you're playing that day and not concern yourself with a lot of unknowns.”

So, is there any pressure to win Game 6 and avoid getting into a pressure-filled Game 7 in LA?

“Well, I think you try to win -- our players will focus on winning, because we want to win the World Series, not to avoid any stress,” Hinch explained.

“These games are intense enough as it is, we don't need to complicate it any other than play the games that we're playing. So the purpose is to try to win the World Series. And I think our guys will be singularly focused on the game that day and not overthink it any further than that.”

Dodgers’ skipper Dave Roberts, facing elimination tonight, was asked if LA’s 104-win campaign and everything they accomplished this season would be diminished if it all ends with a loss in the World Series.

“It would certainly be disheartening and disappointing,” Roberts said. “I think the Astros won 101 games, the Indians won 102 games, we won 104 games. These are teams that had great seasons. There can only be one champion.

“Our goal at the outset of the season was to be the last man standing we still have that opportunity.

“So right now I don't think we're thinking about the alternative. I think that our focus right now is only on winning the game tomorrow, and after that we'll see what's in store for us.”

Will the Astros lock up their first World Series in franchise history? Will the Dodgers force a Game 7? Justin Verlander goes for Houston against LA lefty Rich Hill in Game 6...