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Wire Taps: Max Scherzer says he’ll pitch in NLDS; Ben Zobrist: Pressure is on Nats; Dusty contract will wait...

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news while we patiently wait for the start of the NLDS with the Cubs...

MLB: NLDS-Los Angeles Dodgers at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Less. Than. Three. Days. Until. Crushing. Disappointment.

Here’s the news from Nats Park.

Scherzer: "I'm pitching in the NLDS."
Max Scherzer will test his hamstring today by throwing a bullpen. From there, the Nats will make an official decision on their playoff rotation. (Also, say goodbye to Koda Glover, Erick Fedde, Austin Adams, and Andrew Stevenson!)

Zobrist: Pressure is on Nationals to get out of first round
Ben Zobrist thinks that all the pressure is on the Nationals, not the Cubs -- because they've never been further than the NLDS, and moreover, there's a bit of a "it's now or never" vibe to the team.

The Nats have more postseason experience than ever before. Will it matter?
The Nats have motivation, and everyone not named Brian Goodwin, Enny Romero, Adam Lind, Matt Alber, and Brandon Kintzler has played October baseball before. Will that have any effect on the NLDS, CS, or dare I say, World Series?

Dusty Baker wants a World Series ring and a new contract. Preferably both, and he thinks it could happen
Dusty Baker has always been confident, and has no doubt that he'll get a contract extension. As for a deep playoff run, he thinks there's a decent chance there too. In the meantime, he'll enjoy his managing and continue being a great player's manager.

This Nationals' playoff run is the best chance they've had to go deep into October they've had so far, and probably the best they'll ever have
The Nats realistically will never enter October with better health, a better lineup, a better bullpen, more motivation, and a better rotation. The offense seems like it could be clicking (quietly). Only problem? There are about seven other teams like that.

What to make of Dusty Baker
Baker has been managing since, well, forever. But is he a good manager, especially for October? And what about in the bullpen? What's the old-school/new-school deal with him?

Jayson Stark talks Kershaw, bullpens, and if the Nats will finally advance
To the last one: Apparently yes, so they'll obviously get swept.

Baker says that he'll talk contract with Nats in offseason
The Nats appear to want to wait until the final second to extend the best manager they've ever had.

Here's why the Nationals can win the World Series
They're deep, their starting pitching is A1, and their bullpen is revamped and good.

D.C. a perfect fit for Sean Doolittle
Sean Doolittle knew that he was probably going to be traded. He didn't know where, but for someone so politically active, and with family on the east coast, D.C. was a perfect fit. #Doo2020?

Are Jake Arrieta and Max Scherzer on a collision course?
Jake Arrieta and Max Scherzer are both suffering from supposedly mild hamstring tweaks. Both need some time to rest and heal. Game 3 in Chicago, perhaps?

"I Doooooooooooooooooooooo," say the Doolanlittles
Sean Doolittle and Eireann Dolan quietly eloped in Constitution Gardens on the Mall.

Mike Rizzo recommends right-hand man Doug Harris for recently vacated Atlanta GM job
John Coppolella resigned abruptly yesterday, and Harris is a rising GM prospect. Good fit, right?

Stephen Strasburg is fired up, ready to go for NLDS Game 1
The Nats haven't announced their Game 1 starter for the NLDS, and probably won't until Thursday. That said, every move they've made would indicate that Friday will in fact be Strasday.

Here's how the Cubs can win the World Series
If Joe Maddon can keep his team hot, construct good lineups, and summon an effective Jake Arrieta, watch out.

Sean Doolittle and Eireann Dolan eloped, everything is amazing
In this article: Smash Mouth, emojis, gnomes, the Lincoln Memorial (I think? Maybe the Jefferson?), and many more things, including love.

What would pitchers think about a reliever starting a game?
Sean Doolittle: "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... Would I get paid like a starting pitcher?" (Also: If you started Sammy Solis and moved to someone with good splits against righties, how would that affect a lineup?)

Anthony Rendon almost assuredly won't win NL MVP, but he's got a really strong case
Rendon finished tied for first in the NL in fWAR (6.9), plays third base really well (like, the only person who saved more runs was Andrelton Simmons), walked more than he struck out, and somehow still doesn't have the clout to rise above Giancarlo Stanton and Joey Votto.

With Max Scherzer hobbled, it's Stephen Strasburg's time to shine
Stephen Strasburg has a reputation of failing to meet expectations. He can begin to change that narrative with a dominant Game 1 outing against the Cubs.